Training Programs by Nutrihub-TBI

Cooking with millets

One Day Training program on Millet based cuisines 

startup ignition

One day Training Program on Opportunites in Millet based Businesses


Two month residential Training and Funding Program for Idea Stage


Training & Incubation program for Growth Stage startup

Cooking with Millets

Millets are rich in nutrition and can address many lifestyle diseases. Millets are hardy and grow well in dry zones as rain-fed crops, under marginal conditions of soil fertility and moisture and are stable yielders. Since millets do not have gluten (gelatinous character), the cooking with millets is not the same as wheat-based products. It requires some skill and training to make recipes with millets. Therefore, there is a need for training to cook the millet based recipes which are being organised at the IIMR, Hyderabad.

ICAR-IIMR have developed the expertise over the past few years to make popular recipes with millets like dosa, idly, upma, bisibele bath, biscuits, cakes and many more related items. This event, focus on training the individuals as well as housewives and other stakeholders so as to popularize the millets.


Startup Ignition Training Program


Nutrihub, ICAR- Indian Institute of Millets Research Organizes a one day workshop on “Start-up Ignition - Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Millets Production, Processing & Value-Addition” for aspiring entrepreneurs, willing to start a business in Millets domain. This workshop comprises sessions on introduction to Millets, nutritional merits, and its USP for a better market. The program will also showcase the primary, secondary processing facilities, procedure to obtain the technology license and Incubation facilities. The workshop will be conducted on 4th Saturday of Every Month at Nutrihub of ICAR- IIMR.

Training Programs at Nutrihub-TBI under RKVY-RATFAAR 

  • NEST

    Nutri Cereals Entrepreneurship & Startup Training Program

    Upto 5 Lakhs

    Agripreneurship Orientation Program for idea stage/proto type stage 

                    Eligibility Criteria

    Students business /platforms Youth who have innovative idea based on technology,service,business platforms for increasing efficiency in agriculture

    Full time entrepreneurs

    Have an initial business plan/ proposal

    Startups who are in the market

    Program Deliverables

    Nurture potential Agriprenuers, by providing training cum internship with other startups

    Create a pipeline of Agriprenuers

    Pursue innovative ideas and to make entrepreneurship a career option

    Provide Stipend of Rs 10,000 per month to interns for two months by the R-ABI 

    Each selected start-up will be provided seed stage funding as 90 % grant up to maximum of Rs 5 lakhs

    Internships with established startups for real time experience of agribusiness


    Growing & Rewarding Agripreneurship in Nutricereals

    Upto 25 Lakhs

    Seed Support Program  for Growth stage/MVP (Minimum Viable Product)  


                 Eligibility Criteria

    The Applicant should be a registered legal entity in India.

    The Applicant has to be an Indian start up as per DPIIT(formarly DIPP)

                  This support will assist the incubates to launch their products/services/business platforms etc into the market/attract investments from                angel/venture capitalists or taking loans from commercial banks/ financial institutions and help them to scale up their operations as well                as to attain business viability at a faster pace 

                 Program Deliverables

    Accelerate the small startups

    Translation of minimum viable product to marketable and scale-up product and business.

    The recipient should be a registered legal entity in India within minimum of two months

    of residency at the R-ABI.

    Selected incubatees will be provided incubation and seed stage money as 85 % grant up to a maximum of Rs 25 lakhs

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