Millets Value Added Product Technologies available at ICAR-IIMR

Value-Addition is the process of taking a raw commodity and changing its form to produce a high-quality end product. There are many value-added technologies in the food processing sector. The main aim of these technologies is to enhance shelf life, reducing the post-production losses, nutrient enhancements, reduce the cooking time & developing more convenient foods, to meet the tastes/preferences of consumers. So, it benefits producer, manufacturer and consumer. Our value-added technologies are like dehulling, milling, puffing, roller flaking, cold extrusion, hot extrusion, baking and developed many varieties of products which are mainly Ready to Eat (RTE), Ready to Cook (RTC) and Instant based categories.

ICAR-IIMR, the Pioneer in Millet value-added technologies has built 60+ value-added technologies over a period of time. Eatrite, First Millet Brand was introduced in the market by ICAR-IIMR for the popularization of millets and to increase consumption of millets through millet value-added products. ​

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